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Spring is such a refreshing time of year! Every day is a celebration of renewed life. I especially like seeing the cheerful daffodils in my backyard. Soon the red tulips and purple irises will be waving in the breeze. Who isn’t amazed at the vibrant show that wildflowers quietly offer each year? Spring is truly a visual treat after a long and dreary winter.

How is it possible that all this happens? Know assuredly that it isn’t by accident! It is by design; God’s design in the power of seeds and the principle of sowing and reaping.

”All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today.”
– Italian Proverb

We readily accept this as a fact of nature. It is just as true in the other areas of our life. It could be said that the flowers of tomorrow’s organization (or disorganization) are in the seeds of today’s actions.

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PLANT the seeds of a clean and tidy kitchen every night…

ENJOY the flowers of a fresh start to the day!


PLANT the seeds of completely finishing and putting away laundry…

ENJOY the flowers of clothes ready to wear each morning!


PLANT the seeds of unsubscribing from junk mail…

ENJOY the flowers of less mail to sort and throw away!


PLANT the seeds of eliminating unused kitchen appliances…

ENJOY the flowers of space to prepare food on your kitchen counters!


PLANT the seeds of creating files for important papers…

ENJOY the flowers of quickly finding those papers when you need them!


PLANT the seeds of generously donating your extra towels, sheets, and blankets,

ENJOY the flowers of extra space in your closets!


PLANT the seeds of scattering paper throughout your house…

DISCOVER the weeds of frustration and confusion when you need that one lost receipt!


Each day we have the opportunity to choose what seeds we will plant.

What will be your harvest—flowers or weeds?


I would like to hear about the seeds of organization you have planted! Please leave your comments below. If you need help knowing what seeds to plant, just give me a call at 937-216-2952. I always offer a free 30 minute phone consultation!

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