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By June 4, 2015 2 Comments

Often when teaching a Bible class for young children, I start our time together by singing a simple song called, “What Time Is It? What Time Is It?” to get everyone’s attention. The verses ask questions like, “Is it time to play outside?” or “Is it time to watch TV?” We answer those questions by shaking our heads and saying, “No, No, No!” Finally we ask, “Is it time for Bible class?” and we smile and quickly nod our heads and say, “Yes, Yes, Yes, it is time for Bible class!”

As we go through each day, it might be helpful for adults to keep this children’s song in mind. We tend to flutter about our houses, starting little projects here and there, but never really settling down long enough to finish anything. The clothes may get sorted, but not put into the washer; or perhaps they get washed and dried, but not folded and put away. We fill the sink with hot soapy water and carefully add the dishes; then we hop on the Internet just to check a few things. By the time we walk into the kitchen again, the water is cold.  We sit down to sort the mail and end up reading the entire issue of a magazine. We quickly bring in the fresh sheets from the clothesline and toss them on the bed before leaving to take the children to the park; the next time we walk into the bedroom is late at night. We set up the ironing board in the living room, intending to watch just one program while taking care of all the ironing; three programs later, the ironing is not done, but it is time to fix dinner, so we leave the ironing board up and head to the kitchen.

We would get much more accomplished if we simply asked the question “What time is it?” all day long! If it is time to do laundry, then focus just on that one task. Sort, wash, dry, fold, and put away. Carry through to the finish! If it is time to take care of the dishes, then focus on loading the dishwasher, washing the extra dishes, wiping off the counters, and hanging up a fresh towel. Completely finish the task. When you bring in the mail, quickly sort and place it in its designated home—bills with the checkbook, magazines by the reading chair, junk mail into the shredder, coupons in your purse, and trash in the trash! No more piles of unopened envelopes and expired coupon flyers. Immediately after pulling off the bed sheets, put on another set of clean sheets. It probably will take less than 10 minutes to completely finish that job! No more nagging thoughts roaming around in your head. When it is ironing time, simply set a timer for 30 minutes and iron as many garments as you can as quickly as possible while listening to your favorite music. When the timer goes off, put everything away, including all the freshly ironed clothes to their proper closets. When you focus on just one task at a time, you are much more likely to bring it to completion and then dismiss it from your mind. And when you choose the best time of the day for each activity, you will be more productive and efficient.

As you go through the day, pay attention to what time it is!

Remember these words: DECIDE, FOCUS, FINISH.

Then enjoy the extra time you have discovered!



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  • Seana Turner says:

    Love this idea, Olive. We are so distractible these days, and having to start and start a project always means that it is taking longer than it should. Focus & finish — fabulous!

  • Olive Wagar says:

    Thank you, Seana! It makes me smile when I carry through and finish a task or project! And it seems to give me a little bit of extra energy to accomplish something else.

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