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By December 1, 2015 One Comment

Sending holiday cards can be a burden or a blessing. I consider it an opportunity to bless and encourage my family and friends! It is entirely your decision whether to send cards to only out-of-town family, out-of-state friends, or local acquaintances. Forget about trying to track or remember what you sent or received last year. Whether you send 5 or 50 cards, you will know that your simple card brightened someone’s day. For me, that smile is worth the postage!

For that reason, I enjoy dedicating the first week of December to preparing and sending my cards. I usually start looking through the card selections in early November to find the cards that catch my eye.  Because I tend to send a lot of cards, I don’t buy the most expensive ones—but they must make me smile. This year I will be sending a vintage snowy village card.

Perhaps you would prefer to send digital cards. There are lots of great options there, too. I personally like the free selection at www.dayspring.com. You only need to have current email addresses. They still communicate the message of love, concern, and encouragement!

Please don’t send cards out of a sense of duty or obligation. It simply takes up too much emotional and physical energy when you do.  If this holiday tradition does not speak to your heart in any way, then just do not participate, with no apologies. Remember, you can make the decision to celebrate the holidays in your unique way!

Here are the simple steps I use to focus and finish my cards this week. I usually do each step on a different day. By the way, this is the only time I will use to send my holiday cards. I will send out whatever I finish this week, because next week I will have a different holiday focus.

Step #1—Take the time to type out address labels for your envelopes. Print 2 copies. Use one for the envelopes and the other to create a fresh address book for the new year.

Step #2—Put address labels, return labels, and stamps on the envelopes.

Step #3—Sign the inside of the cards and seal the envelopes.

Step #4—Deliver to the post office!

Step #5—Stop by the coffee shop and enjoy a treat!

I am curious to know about how many holiday cards you usually receive. Post your response below!

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  • Olive says:

    I enjoyed receiving so many cards this year! And I even decided to send a few cards after the holidays to thank people for creating & sharing such pretty light displays. 🙂 If you missed sending any cards in December, you can still surprise & bless your family & friends with a card in January!!

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