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By December 7, 2015 2 Comments

Our focus this week will be to decorate the tree and house! I spent some time in the summer sorting my decorations into smaller plastic containers, which will make it much easier to bring them inside the house as I need them. For example, there are separate containers for lights, ornaments, music boxes, linens, village buildings, and stuffed animals. You might have different categories. I also created just one box of items that might be of interest to my adult children. I will ask them to check the next time they visit me! Then I donated all the other decorations that I no longer needed. I used this question as a guideline:  “does someone else need this more than I do?” It helped me to be generous in letting go of duplicate and unused items. I like to think that someone was pleasantly surprised to find my donations at a local thrift store. Please donate your extras while they are still in great condition and when they can still be used for the season. I am glad that it is now much quicker and easier to find what I really use.

It really isn’t necessary to go completely overboard with decorations! Think of using simple, natural decorations that appeal to the senses—things that have vivid colors, wonderful aromas, and vibrant textures. Put on some beautiful music, set out some tasty treats, and you will have a well decorated home for the holiday season!

Mason jars with coffee beans and candles look and smell quite lovely. Grouping different sizes together makes for a nice centerpiece. Evergreens, cranberries, pinecones, or fruit in bowls or baskets is simple, yet refreshing. Or perhaps you might want to set out a display of your favorite ornaments on a pretty mirror. Be creative with what you have. Even a pan of water on the stove with cloves, cinnamon, and orange peel easily sets the stage for celebrating by making your home smell cozy and cheery! A pretty tablecloth adds a special touch as well. It doesn’t have to be fancy and it certainly doesn’t have to be brand new.

Last year I sorted through my stash of old family photos and used them for tree decorations! I simply used a large paper punch to cut the photos and glued them to craft cardstock cutouts. My tree also featured strands of pearls as garland and small blue bulbs. The needlecraft angel on top was made by my mother over 30 years ago. Then I scattered poinsettia blossoms throughout the tree. I filled in the few remaining spaces with some of my usual ornaments. Remember when I mentioned being uniquely you as you celebrate the holidays? This tree brought me great delight as I remembered the memories associated with family and friends.

Once again, give yourself time to enjoy this task! Make it a special time for your family. Have some favorite refreshments available. Let everyone help! Invite others to help who may live alone. Sometimes it works best to get the tree set up and the lights on before calling in the helpers! But don’t be distracted by perfection. Have a manageable amount of decorations so that the job is not overwhelming. Select a special table or shelf for your favorite holiday items. Even putting inexpensive holiday towels in the kitchen or bathroom can add a special little holiday touch. You do not have to get out every single decoration you own every single year! You also do not have to decorate every corner of your house! It should be a pleasure to decorate, not a wearisome task. And at the end of the week, be done with decorating. Put the boxes away! Enjoy what you have displayed, with no apologies.

I am curious to know–what is your favorite holiday decoration, that one thing you look forward to setting out every year? Please post below!

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  • Diana Bashore says:

    Each year I look forward to setting out a tabletop Nativity Set that I purchased 10 years ago. One of the shepherds has an actual wooden staff; and Mary is holding baby Jesus instead of Him lying in the manger. I also have a Precious Moments Nativity that our son gave me many years ago for Christmas and he added a piece each Christmas after that for several years. Then there is the small wooden Creche that we put under the tree 45 years ago for our first little girl to enjoy. It has been set out every year since. Now our grandchildren enjoy it as well. Celebrating Jesus with family is what it’s all about 🙂

    • Olive Wagar says:

      Sounds lovely!!! It is such a blessing to share these precious traditions with our families! Hope your holiday is wonderful!!

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