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By December 17, 2015 5 Comments

My all time favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies with my family! This year it was extra sweet to share this experience with my granddaughter Briony, and with my daughters Lisa and Bethany.


In keeping with setting limits, we designated just one day for our baking. We also each chose just one favorite recipe. We made Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate, Molasses Crinkles, Pecan Snowballs, and Butterscotch Haystacks.  Briony loved wearing a special apron her mom wore as a child! She also enjoyed stirring the flour and rolling the pecan snowballs in the confectioners sugar.
There may be a year when you simply do not have the time or energy to bake.
Don’t despair! Don’t apologize!
It is okay to buy your baked goods.
Take advantage of a charity bake sale.
Visit a local bakery.
Or find a teenage girl who loves to bake and pay her to bake for you.
Please remember that these holiday activities should bring joy to your heart and make you smile. Eliminate them if they are a burden.
Here are some simple tips that will help you focus and finish this week/weekend:
1. Let each family member chose one favorite cookie treat.
2. Gather all necessary ingredients before baking day.
3. Turn on the holiday music and just focus on baking!
4. Clear off the table and counter for work space and cooling space.
5. Wash up the dishes or load the dishwasher as you use the many bowls, spoons, and cups to eliminate a huge mess of dirty dishes.
6. Carefully watch baking times and temperatures; quickly reload the cookie sheets.
7. After cookies cool, divide them onto paper plates and slip into gallon-size freezer zip bags so that cookies are ready to enjoy or share.
My favorite cookies are Pecan Snowballs. I am curious to know what is your favorite!
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  • Mev says:

    You’re so good at making things sound doable! Chocolate crinkles have become a Christmas tradition for me. Last year we made them with a couple kids from church and then delivered them to elderly ladies together. This year just Clara and I made them. By the end she was wearing about as much powdered sugar as she had rolled on the cookies, but we had fun. :^)

  • Sara Mitchell says:

    Favorite cookies are Toffee Sandies.

  • Olive says:

    On Christmas Eve, I decided to make a batch of Anise Cookies. They were always a favorite of my mom and dad. I cut the recipe in half so it didn’t take quite as long. They set out overnight and then you bake them in the morning. The house smelled great and It was a pleasant memory for me!!

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