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By December 21, 2015 4 Comments

We are now in the holiday homestretch! I hope you have been able to simplify in some way each aspect of your holiday celebrations. Now we have just a few days before Christmas. Please give yourself permission to slow down. Do not add one more gift, or one more craft, or one more recipe to your list of things to do. Do not stay up past midnight finishing all sorts of projects. Do not run around town looking for exotic foods. Graciously accept that you have a limited amount of time, energy, and money.

  1. The first thing I would suggest doing this week is to decide your holiday menu. For most people, this is not as complicated as the Thanksgiving meal. Think easy and simple! You could serve just appetizers! Perhaps you want to have all breakfast foods. Maybe soup, salad, and sandwiches would be perfect. Make it easy to fix and easy to clean up. Allow other family members to be the kitchen crew!

  1. The second thing to do is get to the grocery store early in the week! Make sure you have a written list and make sure you follow it. It is very easy to pick up so many extra goodies at this time of year. The stores make everything look great! Respect your limits and remember your budget.

  1. Don’t forget to take time to drive around town to enjoy the holiday decorations. Choose your family favorite and write a note to the people at that address thanking them for their beautiful display. Finish the evening with hot chocolate and cookies!

  1. Another thing to do this week is to go caroling! This may seem rather old-fashioned, but it really can be a lot of fun!  You only need to sing 4 or 5 songs. It is a simple way to communicate love and it really makes people smile! Think of people who might need an extra dose of holiday cheer. Top off the evening by watching a favorite holiday movie.

  1. Set aside just one hour to refresh your house. Set the timer for 15 minutes for each of your housekeeping chores. Ask family members to help. It doesn’t have to be perfect!! Put out fresh towels and light a few candles.

  1. Make a batch of my simple holiday punch–just 7-Up and frozen strawberry yogurt!

I sincerely hope that this series of holiday tips has refreshed your heart. Too often we allow the frenzy of holiday activities to leave us overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted. It does not need to be that way. Decide. Organize. Celebrate!

I would be interested to know what you decided to serve on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! Leave your comments below.

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  • Shirley says:

    NIce article to start the week. Hope you have a great holiday season.

  • Seana Turner says:

    I do keep Christmas dinner simpler than Thanksgiving. We serve beef tenderloin, potatoes with cream and green beans with cartelized onions… most of which is pretty simple to prepare. One thing I stopped preparing on Christmas was dessert; I realized that we had plenty of cookies and stocking candy around, so why make more? Merry Christmas!

    • Olive says:

      That sounds delicious!! Isn’t it nice to have simple dishes that really deliver!! Good idea about dessert. 🙂 Hope you holiday was very happy, Seana.

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