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The holidays will soon arrive!  May I offer a simple strategy for wrapping up a wonderful holiday?

DECIDE…what things are most important to you to actually get done. It is probably obvious by now that you will not have enough time, money, or energy left to do some things this season. Give yourself permission to cross them off the list right now! It really is okay to let them go.  Or rethink how you can simplify the activity. For example, you could send out free e-cards to a shorter list of people rather than traditional cards to everyone in your address book. I especially like the selection at www.dayspring.com.

ORGANIZE…the remaining things you have decided to do. Write each event or activity down on a separate sticky note.  Label sheets of paper with the days that are left. Attach each sticky note to a specific day and indicate a time to accomplish the task. Be realistic about your available time. Then focus on one activity or event at a time and complete it. Hoot and holler as you finish each one! Make sure you do not add “just one more gift” or “just one more batch of cookies” or even one more holiday article to read. And especially do not look for one more idea on Pinterest!

ENJOY…this special time of year. Take care of yourself by going to bed before you are exhausted, eating fresh & healthy food, drinking lots of water, and being thankful for each day. Take time to appreciate simple blessings. Take time to be still. Take time to relax. Take time to smile. Take time to be refreshed in spirit. Truly enjoy the holiday!

Today’s Question: What do you enjoy doing the most during the holiday season?

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